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Fuel Station Online

About Fuel Station
Online (FSO)

Fuel Station Online is a collaborative platform for managing fuel stations. It facilitates electronic record keeping for all daily transactions (meter

reading, product delivery, dipstick measurement and cash lodgment). You can generate business reports, review business performance by stations and view products stocks level anywhere and anytime.

Why Use Fuel Station Online?


Hosted in a secured cloud environment with facilities to automatically back up all your valuable data.


Tanks calibration parameters are stored in the system which automatically converts readings (product height) from the dipstick into volume in liters, thus eliminating the need for the use of manual calibration chat.

Performance Analysis

You can set up monthly revenue targets for filling stations and track their performance online from anywhere.

Fraud Prevention

Our solution comes with internal reconciliation mechanisms that ensures that all meter readings are reconciled with tank dipping and that all payments collected are accounted for at the end of the day.  There is no room for  fraudulent dipstick measurements!

Standardized Reports

You can order end-of-day summary or detailed reports as well as transaction reports. Fuel Station Online generates reports using standardized templates for all your stations.


 Attendants can record initial and closing meter reading, payment collected from POS, total cash collected and so on. The Manager will review these transactions and approve as appropriate.

With our intuitive user interface,
you can record your daily

Such as meter readings; product
deliveries; dipstick measurements
and cash lodgments

Such as meter readings; product
deliveries; dipstick measurements
and cash lodgments

Daily Meter Reading

(Actual Sale)

To record the opening and closing meter readings
for pump nozzles in a given station.
FSO calculates the sale automatically.

Product Delivery


To record product deliveries information such as
Loading date, Waybill Quantity, Initial Reading,
Final Reading, Ticket #, Waybill #, Loading
Deport, Transporter and Truck #

Dipstick Measurement

(Book Sale)

To record the inital and final dipping values
for all underground tanks. FSO calculates
the daily sale and overage if any.

Cash Lodgment

(Actual sale)

Cash Lodgement(Bank Teller)
Keep electronic record of all Tellers and cash
lodgement. FSO provides daily lodgement
summary that you can reconcile with bank

Integration of Payment

Integration of Payment

Payment is an integral part of your business which is why we designed a smart payment system that enables cash disbursements using vouchers. Customer retention, loyalty and rewards are seamless with this payment system. This prepaid voucher allows you to properly document financial transactions with supporting evidence such as reports, receipts and so on.

Better operational
efficiency -

less workforce, faster results.

Better customer experience

- Companies would also optimize their
loyalty programs and improve customer

Fraud protection -

less susceptible to hacking attempts.

Help and Support

Fuel station online is easy to use that you will not need help.
Please check our Getting Started and FAQ sections if your
require help.

Get Online

Because of the confidential nature of your data, you are required to create an account and provide basic information about your company. Click here for more information.


Setup products, users i.e. fuel station managers, fuel stations and their resources such as underground tanks and pumps. Click here for more information.


Record your meter readings, product deliveries, dipstick measurements and cash lodgements. Generate business reports and receive daily business insights. Click here for more information.

Frequeltly Asked Question

Q : How many stations or users can I setup?

A: You can set up any number of users/stations that you have licensed. Please check the pricing information for the subscription packages